Currently, our company works as a business company adviser and suggest the best appropriate software system for customers and also sells a software copyright “SALESTOOLS”, using for complete professional sales, provided by our professional and full experienced teams. Moreover, we provide the services using only effective and modern implements to provide the best services to achieve customer’s satisfaction.

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A comprehensive sale system can help to plan your sale project productively, reduce unnecessary cost and make a completely data checking for you.


Presently, we already develop the sub-system of SalesTools in order to respond different kinds of customers’ needs. It has more functions to cover all working process that customers can choose to use any sub-functions which are proper to each type of businesses.

Sales Force Automation

System for sales staff, new era, to help increase sales, presales and sales supports vansales kpis are metrics system is ready to connect payment system with credit cards, and promptpay qrcode.

Merchandise & CRM Online Platform

E-commerce and M-Commerce systems for selling, promoting sale, news distribution and customer relationship management through various online pathway even on websites or mobile applications.

Distributor Management System

Programs completely made for distribution Center such as product inventory, Sale, debtors, product distributions, marketing strategy, KPI etc.

Mobile Point of Sale

Systems for retail shops, small and medium-sized. Can be used on a mobile phone or Tablet app nadona management in low-maintenance? Easy to use, streamlined Connect the printer and barcode and variety

Franchise Management System

Franchise administration system for integrated management of sales, inventory, receivables, accounts payable, cost of goods, shipping, work plans, orders, VMI system promotion.

Field Service & Asset Management

System for technicians or maintenance operating data recording Photo and data retention survey save data, property maintenance, migration and maintenance table.

Proof Of Delivery (POD)

The system for the delivery, transportation plans, system status, send the product with a picture is taken.
Save the coordinates and St supports Bill cod and ccod.

GPS Track & Time

Employee working status record, position and working time.

Retail Execution & Survey

Program for sale employees in front store or department stores that help in working record, data collecting, pictures and inspecting , such as product out of stock, price, promotion and competitors.

Route Optimization

For the transportation and scheduling of visits to customers of the sales team automatically, taking into account the reduction of operating costs and transportation is the location.

Chat Bot

Automatic system to communicate with the customer care supports on Line Application, and Verify system supports Facebook identity to connect to SMS.

Customer Loyalty Platform

Instead, a customer’s loyalty card Subscribe to announced the news to each customer group. Keep the join activity score. Redeem rewards Redeeming from the cumulative point


Learning about systems more to compare the packages and attributes of products to choose the right system that is suit with your business and can respond to the demand of your company.

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