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B2B CRM is the SAAS platform that genuinely helps brands implement CRM activities for retail and wholesale stores in one place. This covers gathering stores’ information with ordering history in every channel to prioritize each store’s level, stimulating sales volume by introducing benefits such as cash rewards, incentives, and reward point redemption. Brands using the system can conveniently communicate new promotions, purchasing times or value left to reach the target, incentives from buying goods, and inform stores that join the activities. Additionally, it can transfer the order from a store to a brand. This is workable for Multi-Tier sales.





Store’s target setting

Loyalty Program​

Membership information management

Reward point management

Rewards Management


Contact Center

Contact information management

PDPA Centralized​

PDPA Management

Activity / Survey

Activity and survey management

Online E-ordering

Connect with the LINE Official Account by ordering via E-ordering system.

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Why B2B?


Boost efficiency

Flowingly work, reduce unnecessary sales processes, and minimize mistakes from humans’ errors.


Set up standards

Create stores’ standards by defining clear targets and possible KPIs.


Communication channels

Enjoy communicating with the target group of customers, reduce the gap in communication, and correctly communicate according to the objective.


Increase motivation

Increase motivation: increase motivation among sales staff and stores and stimulate sales volume by setting targets with benefits and incentives.

Provide a better connection

Connect every party to a working loop, including the stores’ customers, sales staff, manager, executive, activity team, and merchandiser.