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Distribution management system Offline and online channels (DMS)

Omni-channel Distribution Management System

O-DMS is smartly designed for sales and warehouse management, supporting both offline and online channels. It can connect the order and distribution from salespersons, applications and online platforms into one system. The user can conveniently check stock status, debtor, delivery, sales, promotion, sales activity, and KPI reports. The tool comes with BI, which can connect to the outside system to enhance sales plans efficiently.

User-Friendly and Safety DMS Program


  • This page summarizes all the details to ease the overall performance of sales or distribution centers, new customers, store traffic, sales documents, and pending updated stock documents. It can make sure that all daily tasks and documents will be monitored and minimize errors. Additionally, the user can choose their required duration date to check the task.

Professional Inventory Management by DMS System

Comprehensive Promotion by DMS System

Personalized Promotion

In this MarTech era, marketers do need personalized marketing to collect data and deliver a unique experience to both offline and online customers in real time. The promotion can increase revenue with a low budget while strengthening the relationship between customers and a brand.

Inventory Planning by DMS

Sales Documentation Control System

Product Inventory Report

KPIs Report

Completed Map Report in DMS system

Market research and photos for recording data

Route optimization to manage goods and reduce the cost of delivery

Safety by Global Cloud

The System for Future

Sub-distributor or Micro Distribution Hub System

Business Intelligence (BI)

Mobile Sales Force Connection (Optional)

E-ordering (Optional)

Connection System

Why DMS program from Salestools?


Lower cost


Increase more efficiency


Build more sales volume


Standardize the business


Bring a good image to the organization

Let’s try the DMS system with Can Innovation. We have built a good standard to uplift your working system and sales efficiency, leading to customers’ satisfaction with your products and services. Should you be interested in investing in the system for future business, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (+66-96-036-6168) or email