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E-ordering for B2B/B2C

LINE & App B2B/B2C

The LINE Official Account is a tool to spread news, services, new products, and many promotions directly to customers. It is also able to ease the ordering system, calculate promotions, receive many payment methods, and redeem reward points anywhere and anytime, while the E-ordering tool included in the sales professional online program helps manage and arrange orders from all channels.

The B2B and B2C E-Ordering program is an e-commerce system supported by receiving orders from B2B stores or B2C consumers from all platforms, including LINE OA, Web, Android App, and iOS App, directly without having a salesperson to manage.


Applying for E-Ordering Program

E-Ordering Management

Generating promotions, coupons & vouchers via E-ordering

Facilitating by various payment methods

Managing a loyalty program for members

Managing ordering history and status via E-ordering

Checking delivery status via retail stores’ ordering system

Checking the balance of reward points and redemptions

Conveniently communicate with customers

In-depth analysis via Analytics

Managing sales, stock and order by E-Ordering

Connecting to B2B CRM

What are the benefits of the E-Ordering program?

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Let’s try the E-ordering program with Can Innovation. Not only does the system increase efficiency in management, administration, and income, but it also reflects the good image of the organization in this digital era. Our professional team is welcome and ready to introduce you to the service. For further questions and information, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (+66-96-036-6168) or email