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Proof of Delivery / Route Optimization

POD & Route Optimization System

Line Delivery Transportation System, a solution for delivery or distribution of goods to help increase the efficiency of delivery to be more convenient, fast, and easy with payment methods by QR Code or PromptPay.

Route Optimization

Easy Identity Verification

Shipment List

Checking Full Details

Why ship with Line delivery?


Reduce costs

  • No equipment charged.
  • Reduce sales fraud.
  • Help drivers manage payments and delivery routes more conveniently.

Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce shipping errors.
  • Use Line OA from anywhere and anytime.
  • Simplify payments
  • Store all data accurately and completely.

Contribute sales

  • Quickly boost the number of new customers.
  • Increase the opportunity to gain more customers by fast delivery.

Standardize the system

  • Wisely manage received orders for drivers.
  • Allow merchants to build good relationships with customers.

Create a good corporate image

  • Increase delivery efficiency, handle payments, and serve customers.
  • Raise corporate standards.