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Microsoft Azure Cloud is Now

Did you know? Why is the cloud important for businesses?

Is your organization experiencing these issues?

Safety Risks

Compliance with data protection requirements

Technology Competition

Fragmented data

Large expenses for the lack of maintenance

Microsoft Azure is one of the cloud platforms that will help your organization quickly and safely seize business opportunities.
Moreover, Microsoft, as a data processor, also assists the Personal Data Protection Act, or PDPA, to benefit our clients by reserving the rights, ownership, and interests of their data with professional services, standard operating, and maintenance techniques.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure has a special platform as a service (PaaS) or special VM-like app service that has a lower cost than conventional VMs but better performance. This is because we do not charge the service cost for OS Windows Server, which is adjustable depending on the actual usage. It is interesting that you don’t have to administer the system by yourself because Azure will do it all for you with fast and reliable services. It supports both container and serverless.

Additionally, the cloud system includes Native Ransomware Protection, the basic system designed to prevent ransomware from the beginning, with three main services:

Azure Defender

Protect IT Resources and reduce ransomware by identification.

Zero Trust Framework

secures by checking the system users every time and defining the limited or necessary authorization, and MFA to reduce identity attacks by 99.9%.

Data Encryption

a business-critical database protection system (Data Encryption) that can allow Azure to administer all with the starting price of THB330/month/vCoren only.

Besides, we are the provider of Microsoft SQL servers that are frequently used by enterprise customers, covering all functions, ensuring that Microsoft Azure is a fully serviced cloud with open source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, both structure and non-structure, which is more cost-effective than Hadoop implementation and also provides machines supporting data scientists and data engineers for basic to complicated analysis.

Alternatives for Application Relocation

Migrating applications to accelerate migration to the cloud makes it easy for business development to innovatively welcome the challenges and changes all the time. It comes with a variety of options by comparing the pros and cons of each one to get a broader perspective and meet the needs for the best benefit of the organization, as follows:

Server Options

Database Options

All the options mentioned above not only offer high performance but also offer a cheaper price than renting a traditional server that possibly costs up to millions. Microsoft Azure is affordable, able to define the starting price by your selected choice, and sales time to manage.