Can Innovation

Point of Sale ( POS )

For small/medium sized retailers Supports branch systems

The POS system is specially designed for SMEs, middle-sized businesses, and branch systems for offline sales, stock management, and payment transactions. It perfectly connects the printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and credit card reader, while various payment methods, including cash, popular wallet, credit card, PromptPay, QR Code, etc., can be connected.

Fast-moving sales

Membership system

Various payment methods: credit card reader and QR Code

Sales without the Internet

Stock Management System

Comprehensive Promotion

Price tag system

Stock counting system by Handheld

Receiving input from suppliers

Easily managing the information and safety

Managing stock professionally

Business Intelligence (BI) (Optional)

Link between membership system and E-ordering (Optional)

Connecting ERP/ VMI / EDI / OMS / PAYMENT in one place

Our customers

Our Real User

Thaifoods Fresh Market is currently applying the POS system with Can Innovation Co., Ltd. to manage 173 branches.

Credit รูปจาก: รีวิวไม่หยุด

Lower cost

Reduce cost: smartly manage all resources, debt, and bad debt; increase circulating funds; accurately manage stock, promotion, and price.


Increase more efficiency

Enhance working efficiency: minimize errors in documentation, analyze KPIs to measure an employee’s performance, analyze reports, and be able to work anywhere and anytime via website.


Build more sales volume

Increase sales volume: analyze sales based on their volume, generate promotion according to the target, forecast possible orders to increase the chance of selling, and manage the volume according to the defined target.


Standardize the business

Set up standards: protect important documents, transparently inspect the approval system in every process, and bring employees to connect and work with old customers.


Bring a good image to the organization

Bring a better image of the organization: support employees to work professionally and sustainably develop customers’ relationships.