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Vending Management System (VMS)

Vending Management System

A comprehensive vending business management system is useful for modern sales and goods replenishment businesses. It increases the efficiency of product replenishment and covers all activities of the replenishment staff. The system also facilitates consignment, such as an ice cream dispenser or frozen food linked to an automated smart vending machine, and eases multiple payments, as well as real-time sales reports alerting when products are almost running out and notifying automatic replenishment.

Vending Management System (VMS)

Easy and secure data management

Professional stock management

Sales document control system

Working Plan

Map Report

Stock Report

KPIs report

Survey and photos

Manage advertising display

Reduce transportation costs through Route Optimization

Map and Navigation

VMS Mobile - Replenishment System

Vending information

Working plan and employees’ check-in

Replenishment List

Product Returns

Summary of vending machine inventory

Price Adjustment

Smart Vending Machine

Customers who use the service

Why use Retail / Vending Consignment to manage your business?


Reduce costs

Help recommend the withdrawal of items that need to be replenished according to sales. and efficiently arrange routes that need to be replenished


Increase efficiency

  • help replenishment staff plan their visits and requisitions accurately.

Generate sales

add new channels, increase efficiency in product replenishment, and be able to receive multiple payment methods.


Build satisfaction

  •  reduce the shortage of products on the shelf; support the point accumulation system from customers’ purchase.

Create a good corporate image

add new channels to service customers.