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Sell ​​food ordering machines and install smart restaurant management systems.

Kiosk for Robotic Barista

Smart Food Services Solution, Smart Restaurant Management System allows customers to order food and pay by themselves quickly and conveniently via kiosk (Food Ordering Kiosk Machine) or via mobile phone by scanning QR code to order and pay from anywhere, such as residentials, cars, or restaurant tables. Additionally, it is workable for the central canteen of an organization and welcomes all types of payments, including both QR code and card swipe (EDC) machines. So, the customers can fully receive convenience and proper speed from the uplifted service standard. Meanwhile, this is to reduce the tasks of order-receiving staff and promote good hygiene, which is very suitable for general restaurants, automatic food courts, hotels, and hospitals’ food ordering systems.

3 Ways to order foods by Smart Food Services

Benefits of Using Smart Food Services

Example of a Food Ordering Machine: Robotic Barista

Robotic Barista is a kiosk for ordering beverages at Cafe Amazon @Central World, where customers can choose their own menu and sweetness level by touch-screen system and supports various payment methods, including cash, credit card, LINE Pay, QR Code, and Alipay.

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