Can Innovation

Smart Food Services

The system is cleverly designed for food ordering service and DIY payment via Kiosk or phone by scanning a QR code, no matter where you are in a residence or restaurant. All types of payment are possible, convenient, supports iOS and Android systems and quick for customers. This not only uplifts the service standard but also reduces staff and robots’ tasks for proper hygiene.

Order via Kiosk

Scan for ordering and payment

Food delivery via Line OA

Ordering by cashier’s POS system


Advertising space

Checking Queue 24/7

Scan QR Code to check cooking status

Order food, services, and payment at a restaurant's table or hotel's room

Receive order via restaurant's tablet

Delivery Robot (Optional)

Orders and Menus Management

Tables Management

Cash Card


Overall Usage

Our customers

Schools having canteens for service students

Hospitals having canteens to service patients, patients’ relatives, and restaurants nearby

Supermarket, factory, government, and corporate offices’s canteen

Hotels having restaurants, souvenir souvenir and restaurants nearby to service visitors

Restaurant or coffee shop at an office building for servicing employees or the restaurant’s brand owner

Food Service system by Can Innovation

Smart Food Service by Can Innovation

Gyu-ya Food Service by Can Innovation


Reduce tasks

Reduce cost and chaos for employees’ service management and minimize mistakes in customer payment.


Clearly categorize the result

Well categorize the types of foods and strengthen the relationship with customers.


Check information all the time

Learn the real-time sales volume and completely keep all information about the total orders via the Cloud system.


Order from various channels

Provide convenience and ordering channels by Kiosk and QR Code. Reduce conversation for hygienic reasons and avoid disease.


Build more sales volumes

Rapidly increase the number of customers by selling foods supported by the system.


Bring a good image to the organization

Create a good image for the company, deliver a new experience to customers, and uplift the servicing standard.