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Annual health check

Health is important The company therefore provides annual health examinations for employees. So that employees are aware of their physical condition and be able to monitor or deal with abnormalities related to health that may occur to employees

Group insurance

The company provides group insurance. "Muang Thai Life Assurance" can use both OPD and PID for all employees to reduce the cost burden for employees when they are sick. In addition to the benefits received from social security

Provident Fund

Provident fund savings that help employees save for the future. They also have money. Contribution from the company added another part. To create security guarantees for employees

Company Outing

We takes into account the happiness of employees. and encourage activities that allow employees to go outside It is an activity that focuses on tourism and relaxation. Allow employees to recuperate physically and mentally from work. and spend time doing activities together with coworkers In order to strengthen good relationships with each other as well.



WIN-WIN, this word has always been the anchor of the company. Bonuses are what helps motivate employees. Everyone helps push the company to success. When the company grows and advances Every employee will receive The returns increase accordingly.


An era in which changes occur quickly. The company is pleased to promote the development of employees' potential. Whether it is learning through modern online media Training organized by experts To grow and progress faster than change.

Work From Home

Due to the changing era The company has taken into account the convenience of living and working. So that employees can have good quality of life and mental health. Working from home is therefore an important benefit that the company believes will enable employees to use their time during the day more efficiently. And also have good work.

Recreational activities

So that employees can have activities to strengthen relationships on a regular basis. The company has organized recreational activities every Friday at the end of the month. Food, snacks and drinks are provided. Allow employees in every department to spend time together in a fun way.

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