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Merchant CRM

CRM system for stores - customers

The reward system and loyalty points from LINE OA and EDC are user-friendly. Points can be divided by rights or by purchases. The function helpfully increases customers’ satisfaction and allows stores to have a tool for communicating directly with customers. AI ChatGPT is also available to analyze, while Microsoft AZURE is applied to support an unlimited number of users. Moreover, it enables users to analyze customers’ behavior via Google Analytics.

Solutions Infrastructure

Welcome unlimited users via Cloud Technology from Microsoft Azure

Merchant-CRM earn point auto workflow

Customer earn Point by scan QRCODE Workflow

Merchant EDC – entry point  and display QRCODE

Customer Pay with Point by Scan QRCODE Workflow

Merchant EDC – entry point and  display QRCODE

Merchant-CRM earn point by shopping workflow

Merchant App Communication Center

Customer App Premium OA

Customer App Standard OA

Analytics (all package)

Why is this solution?

Let’s try the E-ordering program with Can Innovation. Not only does the system increase efficiency in sales management, administration, and income, but it also reflects the good image of the organization in this digital era. Our professional team is welcome and ready to introduce you to the service. For further questions and information, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (+66-96-036-6168) or email