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Order Management System (OMS)​

OMS (Order Management System) is the store’s online order-receiving system that connects with E-Market Place to manage all online channels in one place. It was invented to ease a large number of customers from all over the world with its lower cost. The user can easily check orders via the system that gathers purchasing orders from many online and social media platforms, while it is a useful tool to advertise information to the target customers and enjoy gaining more closed deals 24/7. Additionally, the system can stimulate customers to re-purchase the goods, making it easy to manage goods and delivery. Unnecessary tasks and mistakes will be minimized, which strengthens the business and standardizes the organization to completely welcome the digital workflow.

The program manages your online store with a user-friendly and efficient backup system. This is to administer sales professionally and to easily arrange orders by phone, text chat, and orders from Marketplace platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Line OA, or connecting with EDI (Tiffa) for receiving orders from Macro, Lotus, Big C, etc.

Link to stock and products

The online backup system improves selling product information and real-time stock. When orders arise from the marketplace, the system will automatically adjust the number of products in stock. Second, when adding products to the central stock, the system will immediately update the inventory in the marketplace.

Link to orders

An online backup system reduces the duration of work. When an order arises on the marketplace, the order information will be connected to the system. There is no need to re-create orders in the accounting system, which helps reduce repetitive work.

Link to customer data

The online backup system decreases the time of redundant work in creating a customer database by automatically referring customer orders to a database, contact number, SMS, or calling in case of delivery problems.

Manage stock professionally

Provide sales document control system

Separate promotional channels

Generate business reports

Summarize key information reports that are easy to understand and help grow your business with our online back-office reports

Print a parcel cover sheet

Online Shipping System

Reduce costs by connecting to leading transport systems, including Kerry Express, Flash Express, J&T Express, SCG Logistic, Lalamove, and Thailand Post, and being able to immediately attach a parcel cover sheet to cartons.

Reduce transportation costs through Route Optimization

Business Intelligence (BI) (Optional)

Connect E-ordering (Optional)

Seamless connection



Reduce Costs

link data, reduce redundant work, and reduce the cost of products, stock, customers, and orders.


Increase Efficiency

reduce order processing time, enable fast product arranging, and reduce orders with no products shipped.


Generate sales

increase sales opportunities through new growing channels.


Build customers’ satisfaction

Helps organizations build good relationships with customers efficiently.


Create a Good Corporate Image

reach customers through many channels and promote brand awareness.

Let’s try the online management system (OMS) with Can Innovation. The advanced system beneficially increases sales volume and strengthens businesses in this digital era. Our professional team is ready to introduce you to the service. For further questions and information, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (+66-96-036-6168) or email